Agency virtual team member

I can bring commercial credibility and domain expertise to enhance the bench of agencies and consulting firms that offer web design, service design, digital and innovation.

Typical examples of how I can help are :

  • Bringing credibility and experience to  financial and government sector pitches.
  • Providing the hard business case to support “soft and fuzzy” design work.
  • Leading projects that need cross-functional skills in technology, business, customer and creative disciplines.
  • Lending an additional set of  expert hands without the overhead of a permanent bench.

I take a principled approach to safeguarding the interests of my agency clients.  That includes being indistinguishable from the regular team, championing the agency brand to the end client and being alert to further opportunities.  In the past, I have been instrumental in helping my agency clients win new business.

To explore whether I can help, contact me for a first discussion.