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Breakthrough Digital and Innovation thinking and delivery for the Government and Financial Service sectors.

Digital and Innovation

We live in discontinuous times.

To flourish, organisations often need to become different, not just better. Accomplishing that, requires creative, technical and commercial skills.

As a consultant, I specialise in innovation and digital transformation. I've helped the UK government to redesign its second largest website. I've set up corporate innovation frameworks and I've transformed online sales for financial institutions.

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Virtual team member

Consulting teams are always in flux.

So the biggest challenge is to find the right people, for the right team, for the right project, at the right time. I can help.

As a virtual team member for service design agencies, innovation consultants and digital boutiques, I bring commercial rigour, credibility, imagination and diplomacy to engagements in the government and financial sectors.

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About Simon Kirby

Market forces are a great teacher.

I've been a freelance, independent consultant for over ten years, working with selected associates through Opine Consulting Limited.

In that decade, I've had the opportunity to use my best talents to help extraordinary clients to do extraordinary things. By definition there is no hierarchy among freelancers. But I'm probably an expert on it.

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