Monthly Archives: February 2010

How service teams can inspire product innovation

Investing in customer insight but cutting customer contact makes no sense. Service teams have huge emotional investment in putting right the things that cause customers angst. They should be central to strategic product and service innovation. … Read More

Raping the poor

“Payday loans” are poisonously expensive debt wrapped in sugar-coated brand and service for poor and desperate people. A constant or frequent loan at 2500% APR is the financial equivalent of a crack addiction. … Read More

New utility customer service challenges

In a just world, everyone would love the new utilities like Google, Skype and Facebook. Reality isn’t like that because people expect great customer service. New utilities could meet that expectation. But they need a new approach to service management and design. Customers are demanding a good service experience and that’s exactly what the new utility’s struggle to provide when things go wrong. … Read More

Fat is a capitalist issue

In the rich world, we’re unlikely to solve our obesity epidemic any time soon. Weight gain will change the financial arithmetic of many products and services. Wise companies will innovate to develop propositions that meet the physical, social and identity needs of overweight consumers. … Read More