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image of the corporate clone

How to write a professional website profile that wins clients

How you communicate “you” is the essence of how you sell. But many web profiles describe only a dull employment chronology and an interest in golf. This article describes the five key things that freelancers, management consultants and other professionals need to do to write a profile that actually wins clients. … Read More

a crowd as metaphor for crowdsourcing

How to crowdsource design

How to crowdsource design Transform your digital design strategy through crowdsourcing[/caption]One day soon, knowing how to crowdsource is going to be as important as knowing how to manage employees. Crowdsourcing means outsourcing a task to an undefined, large group of … Read More

Raping the poor

“Payday loans” are poisonously expensive debt wrapped in sugar-coated brand and service for poor and desperate people. A constant or frequent loan at 2500% APR is the financial equivalent of a crack addiction. … Read More