Monthly Archives: May 2010

Is iPad the end of free content?

My WIRED magazine subscription got delivered on the same day as my iPad. I still haven’t opened the paper version. I know several entrepreneurs whose attempts to charge for online content succeeded about as well as King Canute’s wave management. iPad apps might possible turn the tide against free content because the experience is so good. … Read More

Banking customer service. The old oxymoron

What is about advanced capitalism that reproduces primitive Soviet-style customer service experiences? what bank wouldn’t want to help a valued customer stressing out about her lost payment cards and personal data. Or so we thought. Five reasons why call centres end up failing. … Read More

Customer service or customer servicide?

Can any company with bad customer service survive in a world of ubiquitous social media? Here’s a small round-up of the many ways in which my local train company, First Capital Connect, is committing customer servicide. … Read More

Bad customer service is dead

Imagine the cost of bad customer service in a world where 200 million blogs exist and 34% of bloggers post opinions on products and services. Bad customer service begins to sound like customer servicide doesn’t it?
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10 management truths for the web age

I don’t often post other peoples’ content. But I thought this was such a great presentation about why “online” continues to be a disruptive technology. It encompasses beautifully why putting “eLipstick” on the pig of a fragmented legacy organisation doesn’t meet customers’ service and experience expectations. … Read More

Customer service heaven

I get unreasonably impatient with bad service but turn into a love-struck puppy when a company really impresses me. But to do that, doesn’t just mean exceeding expectations. It’s increasingly about doing the seemingly impossible. The amazingly lovely Elysium Hotel gave us one of the best customer experiences of our lives. So this is a ‘customer service postcard’ from our holiday. … Read More